Chicago Defender, 7 May 1927

"In Jim Crow Pact to Keep Area 'White'"

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"Aroused over what they term 'a threatened invasion of dark skinned citizens into the Woodlawn district,' the Woodlawn Property Owners association has sent out letters of warning to residents of the community to aid in keeping the district exclusively for Caucasians.

"Owners of property in Woodlawn received the letters, asking their cooperation in keeping members of the Race out of the neighborhood. This can be done, they pointed out, by refusing to sell to persons not white for 21 years.

Sign Agreement

"A petition has been circulated also among the property owners for their signatures. It is an agreement not to sell to anyone who is not a Caucasian. The association is said to have secured already the signatures of more than 90 per cent of Washington Park subdivision property owners who have agreed not to sell to our Race, under 21 years.

"Active also in the campaign to exclude members of the Race from the community is the Woodlawn Business Men's association. This organization is working with the Woodlawn Property Owners' association to this end.

Incites Residents

"Fred L. Helman, organizer of the latter body is said to have signed the letters sent out to the property owners. He stressed the fact that 200,000 of our Race now reside in Chicago and that the number is increasing. Through their newspapers they are urged to live wherever they desire, whether in a white neighborhood or not.

"Helman is said to have reported to the Woodlawn Business Men's association that a Race family already has invaded the community. Recently, he declared, a family not white was persuaded to move from 6145 Ellis Ave. No force was used but an attractive proposition accepted.

"Other members of the Race have moved from different sections of Woodlawn east of Cottage Grove Ave., Helman is said to have reported, under pressure of the attractive proposition. This makes force unnecessary.

"The officers of the Woodlawn Property Owners' association are Neil J. Handley, president; L.D. McGuire, secretary and treasurer. Both, however, are also members of the other body."

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