"Harry H. Pace Graduates from Chicago Law School"


Surprising his friends, many of whom had no previous inkling of his study, Harry H. Pace, well-known insurance executive, appeared in the graduating class of the Chicago Law school at the exercise held in the Civic Opera house last Friday night.

Ranking fourth in a class of 41 graduates, four others of whom were Colored, Mr. Pace received the degree of doctor of jurisprudence cum laude, and was one of seven members of the class elected to the honorary law school fraternity, the Order of Lincoln.

For a period of three years, after working hours, and after a long time unknown even to his close associates, Pace had spent four nights a week in law school. In addition most of his Saturday afternoons were also spent at law lectures or in the library of the law institute.

During his senior year he served as clerk of the practice court and at the end of his term presented a complete record of the work of the court which was pronounced by the presiding judge and the president of the school as the best piece of work in the entire history of the 36 year of the practice court's existence.

Upon the sudden absence of Judge F. C. Jonas, presiding judge of the court, Pace was elected by acclamation of his fellow students to preside over the court on two successive nights. He also during the year filled absences of various professors and taught classes in guaranty and suretyship in addition to classes in the law of insurance.

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